Learn how to win 100 Dollars in 10 Minutes

How to use our system in 3 easy steps!

How do I make 100 Dollars in 10 minutes?

1. Use the Facebook Login button to connect using your Facebook account. This will give you access to our unique tool, for free!

2. Have your online casino account ready, establish your initial budget and you're ready to go!

3. Fill in your real starting budget into our system and follow the directions on the screen.

Keep up playing, betting and winning but don't forget to input every winning number after each spin!

Our system will provide you specific details for your next bet in respect to the previous winning numbers, your budget and our secret algorithm. It's that simple!

The above video illustrates a real-money roulette game, played using our system. Notice that in this VIDEO DEMO, the player started with 200 Euros and won 66 Euros in only 6 minutes

Winning money with our unique system

Please find below our answers to the most common questions our clients have had over the years

How much does it cost to use the software?

Our Online Roulette Winning software is free and can be used by anyone who connects through Facebook. The Facebook Registration process is required mainly to filter your age, in order to allow only legal-age visitors.

What if I don't have Facebook?

In this case, please drop us an e-mail at contact@100dollarsin10minutes.com and we'll be happy to manually provide you access to our app.

What do I gain if I also SHARE your website on Facebook?

Our software teaches you what and how much to bet in your roulette games. Only by registering with Facebook, you'll get access to the limited version which uses only one of three possible betting patterns (axes). The Premium version (available instantly after you Share our page) will allow you to increase the velocity of your wins by providing bet strategies on all 3 axes.

Will I win more if I SHARE your website on Facebook?

The software will allow you to play three different betting strategies at the same time, thus increasing your overall ratio of winnings vs losses. This means that in a much shorter period, you'll make more money, YES!

Is the system 100% risk-free?

The software is designed to reduce risk as much as possible. However, it is important to remember that the actions of the players have a decisive role in minimizing or increasing the risks. Please follow thoroughly our guidelines in order to minimize all risks.

Will I always win using your system?

Our Roulette System offers you the best mathematically calculated odds to play the Roulette and minimize the house edge. If you stick to our betting strategies your winning chances will increase, thus obtaining a highly positive balance.

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